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Weekend Workshop:

 Introduction To 

Digital Photography

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You have bought your first Manual-Exposure digital camera (D-Slr) such as :
-Canon 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D,  50D, 60D, 70D, 7D, or 5D
-Canon Rebel,  XT,  XTI, XS, XSI, T1I, T2I, T3, T3I, T4I, T5i, T6i, or SLI
-Nikon D70, D80,  D90, D700, D7100, D7200, D700, D600, D610, D810,D800 
-Nikon D100, Nikon D200, or D300
-Nikon D50, D40 or D40x, or D60, D3000, D3000 series, or  D5000 series
-Pentax *ist, k100, KD
-Sony Alpha Series
-Olympus Pen or Olympus DSLR
-A digital camera that can be operated in a Manual Exposure Mode (M) 
(such as a Canon Powershot or Sony Cybershot), 

You may also have a model that is not listed!

And you have now become overwhelmed and confused how to make the best out of your equipment, this is the course for you. Come and let us help you
understand the different aspects of photography: 

-Image sizing and resolution
-How to best store and backup your images
-The difference between erasing your card and formatting it
-Image Quality- Raw vs. Jpeg
-Concept of Aperture Openings/F-stops
-Shutter speeds
-ISO/ film Speeds on a digital camera
-How to find correct exposures indoors and outside
-How to correctly compose your images
-The  gray-making property of your cameras lightmeter and how to overcome it. 
-Learn how to
correctly expose your images using a gray card or the palm of your hand
-How to calibrate your meter for perfect exposures
-The metering modes on the camera and what they do
-The drive modes on your camera
-The Autofocus and Manual Focus settings on your camera
-The Autofocus settings and how they can be changed
-The Drive Modes on the camera
-The White Balance functions on your camera
-The different exposure modes and shooting modes on the camera

While reviewing your photographs in class, the instructor will demonstrate some simple photo editing features of Photoshop. Please note that this is not a Photoshop class. You will have personalized attention from the instructor, so that you  may reach the goals that you 
set out for yourself in this course.

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Supplies Needed For the Class:

- A Digital Camera that has Manual Functions
- A Memory Card for your camera
- If you have your camera manual, please bring it to class with you

- An 18% Gray Card ( this may be purchased from us for $7.00)

February 2018 Class 
2 day session/12 Hours total
February 10-11
Saturday, 9-5 p.m. (lunch break from 12:30-1:30)
Sunday, 12-6 pm (Snacks will be provided throughout the day)

Course Fee: $ 150 
(cash, check, or charge accepted at time of class),  
a voucher, or you can also pay with a credit card on 
Paypal at

The 3 ways you can register: 
1) Walk in to our facility at 1018 Montgomery Highway, Vestavia Hills, Alabama 35216.
2)Call us at 205-877-3282 or 205-862-8562. 
3) E-mail us at letting us know what class you want to register for and we will send a confirmation e-mail back to you.




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Birmingham School of Photography @ The Studio
1018 Montgomery Highway
Vestavia Hills, Alabama 35216
205-877-3282 or 205-862-8562


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