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Parastoo "Paris" Farzad

Photo By Jessica Henson©2007


Parastoo "Paris" Farzad is a freelance photographer, specializing in event, wedding 
(done over 400 to date), portrait, and commercial photography. She also teaches 
photography and runs the daily operations of the Birmingham School of Photography
She is adjunct faculty as a photography teacher at Jefferson State Community College (Main Campus) in Birmingham, Alabama. Also, she is a photography teacher at the Shelby Academy of the Arts in Columbiana, Alabama where she also does community outreach to to the Pelham Senior Center and the Alabaster Senior Center. A graduate of The Rochester Institute of Technology, in Rochester, New York, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Commercial Photography and a Minor in American Artistic Studies. She has won numerous awards in photography and has had her photographs published in many  books, magazines, and 
has done commercial photography for numerous companies and website designers.

Vestavia Hills High School in Vestavia Hills, Alabama 
Received an Advanced Academic Diploma from Vestavia Hills High School on June 1, 1993
The Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York
Received Bachelor of Fine Arts in Commercial Photography on May 24, 1997
Multiple Classes in Different Areas of Photography

· 35mm cameras- Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Minolta
· Medium format cameras- Mamiya, Pentax, Hasselblad
· 4x5 cameras- Cambo, Sinar, Speed Graphix, Toyo
· Digital cameras- Nikon Coolpix Series, Canon Powershot and G Series, Canon 10D, Canon 20D, Canon 30D, 
  Canon 40D,Canon Rebel, Canon xt,  Canon xti, Canon xs, Canon xsi, Nikon D70and D70s, Nikon D80, 
  Nikon D90, Nikon D100, Nikon D200, Nikon D300, Nikon D50, Nikon D40, Nikon D40x, Nikon D60, Pentax *ist, 
  Sony Alpha,  Sony Cybershot Series

· Lighting sets- Bronocolor, Calumet, Comet, Speedotron, White Lightning, Novotron, Norman, Alien Bees
· Digital imaging and Retouching- Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw 
· Macintosh and PC applications
· Materials and Processes of photography
· Black and white Printing and Processing and Color Printing and Processing
· Copying images- prints to slides, prints to negative, and slides to negatives


Photography Instructor 2006- Present
Shelby Academy of the Arts in Columbiana, Alabama
· Instructor for the photography camp that was held for children at the school
· Instructor for the Introduction to Digital Photography classes
· Helped in designing the photography classes for the school
· Did promotional photography for the school ( that was published in magazines, brochures, and advertisements)
· Involved in art show of instructor's work
· Helped purchase cameras for the school
· Instructor for private photography and computer tutoring in people's homes
· Instructor at the Pelham Snior Center and the Alabaster Senior Center

Co-Owner and Instructor 2003-Present
The Birmingham School of Photography in Birmingham, Alabama

· Weddings, Portraits, Editorials, Corporate, Fashion, Parties, and Concert Photography
· Computer restoration and manipulation of photographs
· Created copy slides of different people’s artwork for publication and portfolio purposes
· Maintain Schools website and Scheduling of all classes and Private Tutoring
· In charge of all lines of communication, phone calls and e-mails, involved in the daily operations of the school
· Instructor for Private Tutoring
· Instructor for many of the classes

Faculty Photography Instructor 2004-2008
Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham, Alabama

· Photo Instructor For Photography 1 and Photography 2 classes
· Students are taught Basic Photography principles and must able to learn all about Black and White Processes
· Students are taught about Digital and Film Photography
· Teach students to create a portfolio of 10 to 15 mounted pieces covering different genres of photography
· Help Students create work for Art Shows that are put on at the college
· Course Syllabus for Fall of 2007 was as follows:

Objectives of this Course:
This course is an introduction to Photographic materials and techniques. Students will learn to operate a manual 35mm camera, F-stops, Shutter Speeds, Depth of Field, Normal Exposure vs. Correct Exposure, how to properly expose and compose for slide and black and white film. Students will also be introduced to basic design and compositional elements of the photographic medium. Through critiques and slide presentations students will become familiar with contemporary trends, basic history of photography, and become articulate about photographic 
aesthetics. Students will learn how to properly expose black and white film, how to process the film, how to print contact sheets, and how to print on Resin Coated and Fiber Based Paper. They will also learn different printing techniques and styles.

First Day of Class August 20, 2007- General Lecture

Assignment 1
Lecture and Work Days August 20, 22, 27, 29 
Purchase Supplies for class and find a working 35mm Manual camera. Learn ISO, F-stop/Aperture Openings, Shutter Speed, Normal Exposure vs. Correct Exposure, 18% Gray Card, Sunny 16, Hazy 11, Cloudy 8, Overcast 5.6 Rule, Compositional Guidelines, Different formats of cameras, and what the different modes are on a SLR camera. You will also learn color theory, filters for color film, and white balance.

No Class on September 3- Labor Day

Assignment 2- Scored out of 100 Points 
Lecture and Work Days August 20, 22, 27, 29 and September 5, 2007
Due September 5- 1 Roll of Kodak Elitechrome 100 ISO film will be shot using the rules of correct exposure. The subjects you choose to photograph are an open assignment. The main goal with this first roll of slide film is to understand manual exposure and properly expose the film using the correct exposure rules and the 18% gray card. You will keep a log sheet of this roll. This roll has to be into Cameras Brookwood for processing by August 30 to get it back in time for class.

Assignment 3- Scored out of 100 Points
Lecture and Work Days September 10, 12, 17 
Due September 19- 1 Roll of Kodak Elitechrome 100 ISO film will be shot using the rules of correct exposure. You will be given guidelines of what will be done for each image on this roll of film. This will convey Depth of Field, Equivalent exposures, and Freezing 5.6. You will also show rules of composition. You will keep a log sheet of all the exposures for this roll of film. This is required to get a grade on this assignment. This roll has to be into Cameras Brookwood for processing by September 13 to get it back in time for class.

Assignment 4- Scored out of 100 Points- Negatives(100), Contact Sheets(100), and Final Prints (100) 
Lecture and Work Days September 24, October 1, 3, and 8
September 24- Start Field Trip Assignment- You will be doing your first roll of black and white film for this assignment. 1 roll of Ilford Delta 100. We will be going on location to do this roll of film. One roll must be done in a two hour time period. We will process this roll of film on September 26. Print a contact sheet on RC paper on October 1, and October 3 and 8 we will be printing - 2 8x10 prints on RC paper will be done off this roll of film. All of this assignment (Negatives, Contact Prints, and 2 Prints) is due and will be critiqued on October 8 at 11:00 am.

Assignment 5- Scored out of 100 points.
Lecture and Work Days October 10 and 15
Photograms- demonstration will be done in class October 10, 2 prints, conveying one theme, will be due October 15 at 11:00 am. Photograms are prints made on photographic paper by placing objects directly on the paper, exposing it to light from the enlarger and developing it in photographic chemicals. 

Assignment 6- Scored out of 100 points.
Lecture and Work Days October 17, 22, 24, 29
October 17- Basic History of Photography- where did photography start and how it became popular. Also, review portrait work done by the teacher and other photographers and discuss it. 
Portrait assignment- Lecture and Handouts will be given on October 17. Also the History of Portrait Photography and Fiber Based Printing will be discussed. Demonstration on Fiber Based Printing will also be given. Film needs to be processed, contact printed, and critiqued for final prints by October 24. 
3 Prints on Fiber Based Paper conveying the three themes listed below will be due October 29 and critiqued in class.
1) Candid Portrait
2) Stranger Portrait
3) Fragment Portrait

Assignment 7- Scored out of 100
Lecture and Work Days October 31, and November 5, 7
October 31- Motion Assignment will be given and you will be shown demonstrations and examples of what to do for this assignment.
Motion Photography- 1 roll of Kodak 100 ISO Color Negative or 100 ISO color slide film or digital images- 3 4x6 color proof prints, slides, or digital images due conveying at least 3 of the different styles listed below. Due November 7 at 10:00 am and will be critiqued in class.
1) Panned Motion
2) Zooming
3) Long exposure of Water
4) 20/20 Technique
5) Moony-64/Star Trails
6) Lightning
7) Fireworks
8) Painting with Light

November 7
Mid-Term Review- Mid term Study Guide will be handed out and reviewed
in class

Mid Term Will be Held on November 14
Mid Term Exam- Scored out of 100 points-100 short answer and multiple choice questions- Plus 2 extra credit questions. 

Fall Break- November 19-25

Assignment 8 and Assignment 9- Scored out of 100 points
Lecture and Work Days November 26, 28, December 3 and 5
November 26- Studio and Flash/ White on White Assignment/Line Assignment- This is part of the Line Assignment. You will be going to my photo studio to be exposed to photographing in a studio setting. You will be exposed to using flash inside, studio lighting, and backgrounds. We will also be doing images of white subjects on a white background. Please process the film and do a contact print from this shoot by December 3.
Continuation of Line Assignment- Film must be processed and contact printed by December 3- These images must have a lead in and lead out line. You will also need to do a still life using a fruit, flower, or vegetable to convey movement and the look of a lead in and lead out line. 2 Prints on Fiber Based paper due December 5 at 11:00 am. 

Assignment 10- Scored out of 100 points
Lecture and Work Days November 28, December 3 and 5
Solarization- 2 RC Prints Due December 5- This is a printing process where additional exposure and development are added to the normal printing process to create an unusual effect. Demonstration will be done in class November 28. You will use negatives from the Field Trip, Portrait, or Line Assignments to do these prints. These prints are due on December 5 at 11:00 am. 

Final Project- Will be worked on From December 10- December 17

Your final portfolio will consist of prints from all of the assignments that you have done through the semester. All images will have to be matted and mounted. Slides will be presented in sheet form (demonstrations for this will be done in class). 5 Extra Images that were not originally presented when the assignment was due are required to complete your portfolio. Failure to hand in a final portfolio will result in an automatic D for the course. 

Freelance Photographer 1990- Present
Paris Photographics in Birmingham, Alabama

· Weddings(over 300 to date), Portraits, Editorials, Corporate, Fashion, Parties, and Concert Photography
· Clientele include: Noland Health Services, Birchfield, Penuel, and Associates, St. Elais Church, 
  St. Rose Academy, Shoefly, Hand-In-Paw, About Town Magazine, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 
  Local Artists, Local Musicians, Local Bands, Numerous Families, Local Actors
· Computer restoration and manipulation of photographs
· Created copy slides of different people’s artwork for publication and portfolio purposes
· Created copy slides of different people’s artwork for publication and portfolio purposes
· Photographs for Commercial Websites: such as

Executive Assistant to Corporate Counsel August 1998-2003
Ram Tool and Supply Company Inc. 

· Helping in the daily activities of the Account Receivables department
· Dealing with State Tax Rates and how they correlate with shipments going out from the company
· Researching bad accounts and placing them with collection agencies and lawyers around the nation
· Building a good connection with the collection agencies and lawyers via the telephone
· Dealing with bounced checks and Telecheck

Custom Black and White Printer September 22, 1997- March 20, 1998
Custom Photo Art Birmingham, Alabama

· Produced custom black and white prints for the clients of Custom Photo Art 
· In charge of the organization of the Black and White Department-i.e. paper work, 
  making sure all orders were in order, and working with others as a productive team

Peers Informing and Educating RIT Students (PIERS) - August 21, 1994- May 24, 1997
Student Health Center at RIT- Rochester, NY

· Created and presented speeches and skits based on social issues (i.e. HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, and alcohol abuse) 
  for the RIT community
· Created a slide show presentation about the artists and photographers that have died of HIV/AIDS and the artists 
  that are contributing their artwork to the fight against HIV/AIDS

Photographic Internship-Summer 1996
Communication Services Department at Alabama Power- Birmingham, AL

· Produced images, on location and in the studio, for use in brochures, pamphlets, and presentations
· Helped produce a computer interactive piece and digital images for the 1996 Industrial Exchange Conference
· Copied thousands of images for clients of the communications services department

Secretary and Interviewer for WITR 89.7 Radio Station- August 1995-December 1996
WITR at RIT- Rochester, New York

· Typing information for the station, organizing files, and calling various record companies around the nation
· Interviewing various musical artists on air
· Interviewing community organizations for public service announcements

2010-2013 Photographer for Encore Performance Company
2009 Photographer for Junebugs by Melisa
2008 Photographer for Shoefly Shoe Boutique
2008 Photographer for Emma Charlene Jewelry 
2003-2007 Images used on various websites
2003-2007 Published in various magazines and corporate journals- Birmingham Magazine, 
Portico Magazine, Noland Health, UAB, About Town, Hand In Paw Calendar
2004- Present On Faculty at Jefferson State Community College
2004-  Students received top awards in Juried show at Jefferson State Community College
2004-2006 A photography teacher at Samford University's Samford after Sundown Program
1997-2003 A teacher at The University of Alabama at Birmingham Special Studies Photography Program
1997-2003 In charge of the Black and White Darkrooms at University of Alabama at Birmingham
1998 An editor on the published book The Confused Photographer’s Guide to On Camera Spotmetereing
1998 A collection of my photographs were exhibited at the University of Alabama at Birmingham
1997 Received the position of co-music director and reviewing director at WITR 89.7 in NY
1996 Received Dean’s List for the Fall academic quarter 
1996 Received a gold and a silver International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Award
for a computerized interactive invitation that was created while working at the Alabama Power 
1996 Digital Image “Slinky” exhibited at the RIT Little Gallery
1996 Received the Truman Chapman Scholarship for academic achievement
1996 Multimedia slide show chosen to be presented at The American College Health Association’s
annual conference in Orlando, Florida
1996 Acted in two student produced films and was a voice in a student produced animation piece
1995 Photographs were used in a promotional video for a children’s rehabilitation center
1995 Photographs were used in United Way’s national campaign catalogs
1995 Elected governor of three of RIT’s residential dorm halls
1995 Digital image “Narcissus” displayed at the RIT Little Gallery

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