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Bahman Farzad


Bahman Farzad is a Freelance Photographer and a Systems Engineer. He also teaches photography at Birmingham School of Photography in Birmingham Alabama. A graduate of the University of London, he holds two Master's degrees in Engineering and Computer Science. He has won numerous awards in photography and graphic design and has had articles and photographs published in many photographic magazines including American Photo, Popular Photography, Petersen's Photographic, and Darkroom and Creative Camera Techniques.

Author of the best selling as well as the most popular Zone System 
book on many occasions in many years on (US)

Farzad's Spotmetering book outsold 820 other books and become the
#1 best-selling Photographic Reference book
on (Canada) on October 9, 2002


  • Education:
    * BSME, (Mechanical Engineering) University of London 1968
    * MSME, (Mechanical Engineering) University of London 1969  
    * CDP, (Certified Data Processor) 1978
    * MSCS, (Computer Science, University Of Alabama At Birmingham) 1979

  • Software Engineer: Photography Instructor: Author: Freelance Photographer:
    * SunGard Data, Birmingham, Alabama 
    * University of Alabama at Birmingham (Special Studies - 1987 to 2003), Samford University (Samford after Sundown 2003-2006), and Birmingham School of Photography teaching Light Measurement, Introduction to 35mm Photography, Introduction to light measurement, Paint With Your Camera, Mathematics of photography for people who hate math, Advanced Zone System, How to win photo contests, How to get published, and so on.

  • More than 66 regional, statewide, national and international awards in photography and graphic design (partial list):
    * American Photo International Competition, First place, Humor and Imagination, 1996. (One of six top winners from 41000 entries) 
    * Bluff Park Art Association $1000 purchase award, 1991. The only photograph in the 34-year history of this national show to compete with 21 other mediums such as oil painting, watercolor and sculpture to capture the show's highest honor.
    * Studio Magazine, (1988) Toronto, Canada, Annual International Graphic Design and Photo Contest, merit award  
    * Popular Photography, (August 1988), First Place  
    * Birmingham Advertising Club (Graphic Design), 4 Gold awards 
    * Red Mountain Museum Contest, National, 3 First place wins
    * Greater Birmingham Arts Alliance (multiple) 
    * Alabama Zoological Society -- 6 First place wins 
    * Alabama Press Photographers Association (multiple)

  • Publications:
    * Darkroom and Creative Camera Techniques, 1990 (Studio Photography Techniques)
    * Petersen's Photographic (two articles), May 1993 (Abstracts with Corrugated Aluminum Foil  and Ten Tips on Backlighting) 
    * Pentax Life, 1991 (How to Photograph Flower Petals) 
    * Camera and Darkroom, 1992 (Neutral Density Filters -- Sunglasses for Your Camera)
    * Pentax Family (Japan), 1992 (Aluminum Foil Techniques)
    * Teach Yourself Simplified Zone System of Light Measurement (Textbook on Photographic Exposure) -- 1996 -- Images Media, NY 
    * The Confused Photographer's Guide to On-Camera Spotmetering / Spot Metering (Textbook on Photographic Exposure) -- 1998 -- Confused Photographer's Guide Books, Birmingham, AL
    * The Confused Photographer's Guide to Photographic Exposure and the Simplified Zone System (Textbook on Photographic Exposure) -- 1999 -- Confused Photographer's Guide Books, Birmingham, AL

  • Published in (partial):
    * Hallmark cards (5 Postcards) 
    * Automotive Executive, Two Cover Photographs 
    * Sierra Club Calendars 
    * More than 50 brochures, corporate publications, and annual reports

  • Designs: 
    * A series of award winning posters for the Birmingham Zoo.
    * Poster designs for Jay Maisel, Galen Rowell and John Shaw.

  • The #1 best selling book in Reference as well as Lighting and Equipmet categories on (France) on many occasions

  • Farzad's Zone System book #1 bestselling book: Photographic Lighting
    on (Canada) on March 4, 2007

    and in Japan.......

    and in Germany.......

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